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  • Class 2420
    Manufacture of basic precious and other non-ferrous metals
    This class includes:
    ~ production of basic precious metals:
    ~ production and refining of unwrought or wrought precious metals: gold, silver, platinum etc. from ore and scrap
    ~ production of precious metal alloys
    ~ production of precious metal semi-products
    ~ production of silver rolled onto base metals
    ~ production of gold rolled onto base metals or silver
    ~ production of platinum and platinum GROUP metals rolled onto gold, silver or base metals
    ~ production of aluminium from alumina
    ~ production of aluminium from electrolytic refining of aluminium waste and scrap
    ~ production of aluminium alloys
    ~ semi-manufacturing of aluminium
    ~ production of lead, zinc and tin from ores
    ~ production of lead, zinc and tin from electrolytic refining of lead, zinc and tin waste and scrap
    ~ production of lead, zinc and tin alloys
    ~ semi-manufacturing of lead, zinc and tin
    ~ production of copper from ores
    ~ production of copper from electrolytic refining of copper waste and scrap
    ~ production of copper alloys
    ~ manufacture of fuse wire or strip
    ~ semi-manufacturing of copper
    ~ production of chrome, manganese, nickel etc. from ores or oxides
    ~ production of chrome, manganese, nickel etc. from electrolytic and aluminothermic refining of chrome, manganese, nickel etc., waste and scrap
    ~ production of alloys of chrome, manganese, nickel etc.
    ~ semi-manufacturing of chrome, manganese, nickel etc.
    ~ production of mattes of nickel
    ~ production of uranium metal from pitchblende or other ores
    ~ smelting and refining of uranium

    This class also includes:
    ~ manufacture of wire of these metals by drawing
    ~ production of aluminium oxide (alumina)
    ~ production of aluminium wrapping foil
    ~ manufacture of aluminium (tin) foil laminates made from aluminum (tin) foil as primary component
    ~ manufacture of precious metal foil laminates

  • Class 3313
    Repair of electronic and optical equipment
    This class includes the repair and maintenance of goods produced in groups 265, 266 and 267, except those that are considered household goods.

    This class includes:
    ~ repair and maintenance of the measuring, testing, navigating and control equipment of GROUP 265, such as:
    ~ aircraft engine instruments
    ~ automotive emissions testing equipment
    ~ meteorological instruments
    ~ physical, electrical and chemical properties testing and inspection equipment
    ~ surveying instruments
    ~ radiation detection and monitoring instruments
    ~ repair and maintenance of irradiation, electromedical and electrotherapeutic equipment of class 2660, such as:
    ~ magnetic resonance imaging equipment
    ~ medical ultrasound equipment
    ~ pacemakers
    ~ hearing aids
    ~ electrocardiographs
    ~ electromedical endoscopic equipment
    ~ irradiation apparatus
    ~ repair and maintenance of optical instruments and equipment of class 2670, if the use is mainly commercial, such as:
    ~ binoculars
    ~ microscopes (except electron and proton microscopes)
    ~ telescopes
    ~ prisms and lenses (except ophthalmic)
    ~ photographic equipment

  • Class 5229
    Other transportation support activities
    This class includes:
    ~ forwarding of freight
    ~ arranging or organizing of transport operations by rail, road, sea or air
    ~ organization of GROUP and individual consignments (including pickup and delivery of goods and grouping of consignments)
    ~ logistics activities, i.e. planning, designing and supporting operations of transportation, warehousing and distribution
    ~ issue and procurement of transport documents and waybills
    ~ activities of customs agents
    ~ activities of sea-freight forwarders and air-cargo agents
    ~ brokerage for ship and aircraft space
    ~ goods-handling operations, e.g. temporary crating for the sole purpose of protecting the goods during transit, uncrating, sampling, weighing of goods

  • Class 6420
    Activities of holding companies
    This class includes the activities of holding companies, i.e. units that hold the assets (owning controlling-levels of equity) of a GROUP of subsidiary corporations and whose principal activity is owning the GROUP. The holding companies in this class do not provide any other service to the businesses in which the equity is held, i.e. they do not administer or manage other units.

  • Class 8620
    Medical and dental practice activities
    This class includes:
    ~ medical consultation and treatment in the field of general and specialized medicine by general practitioners and medical specialists and surgeons
    ~ dental practice activities of a general or specialized nature, e.g. dentistry, endodontic and pediatric dentistry; oral pathology
    ~ orthodontic activities
    ~ family planning centres providing medical treatment, such as sterilization and termination of pregnancy, without accommodation
    These activities can be carried out in private practice, GROUP practices and in hospital outpatient clinics, and in clinics such as those attached to firms, schools, homes for the aged, labour organizations and fraternal organizations, as well as in patients' homes.

    This class also includes:
    ~ dental activities in operating rooms
    ~ private consultants' services to inpatients

  • Class 8720
    Residential care activities for mental retardation, mental health and substance abuse
    This class includes the provision of residential care (but not licensed hospital care) to people with mental retardation, mental illness, or substance abuse problems. Facilities provide room, board, protective supervision and counselling and some health care. It also includes provision of residential care and treatment for patients with mental health and substance abuse illnesses.

    This class includes:
    ~ activities of:
    ~ facilities for treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction
    ~ psychiatric convalescent homes
    ~ residential GROUP homes for the emotionally disturbed
    ~ mental retardation facilities
    ~ mental health halfway houses

  • Class 8790
    Other residential care activities
    This class includes the provision of residential and personal care services for persons, except the elderly and disabled, who are unable to fully care for themselves or who do not desire to live independently.

    This class includes:
    ~ activities provided on a round-the-clock basis directed to provide social assistance to children and special categories of persons with some limits on ability for self-care, but where medical treatment or education are not important elements:
    ~ orphanages
    ~ children's boarding homes and hostels
    ~ temporary homeless shelters
    ~ institutions that take care of unmarried mothers and their children
    The activities may be carried out by public or private organizations.

    This class also includes:
    ~ activities of:
    ~ halfway GROUP homes for persons with social or personal problems
    ~ halfway homes for delinquents and offenders
    ~ disciplinary camps

  • Group 011
    Growing of non-perennial crops
    This GROUP includes the growing of non-perennial crops, i.e. plants that do not last for more than two growing seasons. Included is the growing of these plants for the purpose of seed production.
  • Group 012
    Growing of perennial crops
    This GROUP includes the growing of perennial crops, i.e. plants that lasts for more than two growing seasons, either dying back after each season or growing continuously. Included is the growing of these plants for the purpose of seed production.
  • Group 014
    Animal production
    This GROUP includes raising (farming) and breeding of all animals, except aquatic animals.

  • Group 016
    Support activities to agriculture and post-harvest crop activities
    This GROUP includes activities incidental to agricultural production and activities similar to agriculture not undertaken for production purposes (in the sense of harvesting agricultural products), done on a fee or contract basis. Also included are post-harvest crop activities, aimed at preparing agricultural products for the primary market.
  • Group 031
    This GROUP includes capture fishery, i.e. the hunting, collecting and gathering activities directed at removing or collecting live wild aquatic organisms (predominantly fish, molluscs and crustaceans) including plants from the oceanic, coastal or inland waters for human consumption and other purposes by hand or more usually by various types of fishing gear such as nets, lines and stationary traps. Such activities can be conducted on the intertidal shoreline (e.g. collection of molluscs such as mussels and oysters) or shore based netting, or from home-made dugouts or more commonly using commercially made boats in inshore, coastal waters or offshore waters. Unlike in aquaculture (group 032), the aquatic resource being captured is usually common property resource irrespective of whether the harvest from this resource is undertaken with or without exploitation rights. Such activities also include fishing restocked water bodies.
  • Group 032
    This GROUP includes aquaculture (or aquafarming), i.e. the production process involving the culturing or farming (including harvesting) of aquatic organisms (fish, molluscs, crustaceans, plants, crocodiles, alligators and amphibians) using techniques designed to increase the production of the organisms in question beyond the natural capacity of the environment (for example regular stocking, feeding and protection from predators).
    Culturing/farming refers to the rearing up to their juvenile and/or adult phase under captive conditions of the above organisms. In addition, aquaculture also encompasses individual, corporate or state ownership of the individual organisms throughout the rearing or culture stage, up to and including harvesting.

  • Group 072
    Mining of non-ferrous metal ores
    This GROUP includes the mining of non-ferrous metal ores.
  • Group 106
    Manufacture of grain mill products, starches and starch products
    This GROUP includes the milling of flour or meal from grains or vegetables, the milling, cleaning and polishing of rice, as well as the manufacture of flour mixes or doughs from these products. Also included in this GROUP are the wet milling of corn and vegetables and the manufacture of starch and starch products.
  • Group 107
    Manufacture of other food products
    This GROUP includes the production of a variety of food products not included in previous groups of this division. This includes the production of bakery products, sugar and confectionery, macaroni, noodles and similar products, prepared meals and dishes, coffee, tea and spices, as well as perishable and specialty food products.
  • Group 131
    Spinning, weaving and finishing of textiles
    This GROUP includes the manufacture of textiles, including preparatory operations, the spinning of textile fibres and the weaving of textiles. This can be done from varying raw materials, such as silk, wool, other animal, vegetable or man-made fibres, paper or glass etc.
    Also included in this GROUP is the finishing of textiles and wearing apparel, i.e. bleaching, dyeing, dressing and similar activities.

  • Group 139
    Manufacture of other textiles
    This GROUP includes the manufacture of products produced from textiles, except wearing apparel, such as made-up textile articles, carpets and rugs, rope, narrow woven fabrics, trimmings etc.

  • Group 151
    Tanning and dressing of leather; manufacture of luggage, handbags, saddlery and harness; dressing and dyeing of fur
    This GROUP includes the manufacture of leather and fur and products thereof.
  • Group 162
    Manufacture of products of wood, cork, straw and plaiting materials
    This GROUP includes the manufacture of products of wood, cork, straw or plaiting materials, including basic shapes as well as assembled products.
  • Group 181
    Printing and service activities related to printing
    This GROUP includes printing of products, such as newspapers, books, periodicals, business forms, greeting cards, and other materials, and associated support activities, such as bookbinding, plate-making services, and data imaging. Printing can be done using various techniques and on different materials.
  • Group 201
    Manufacture of basic chemicals, fertilizers and nitrogen compounds, plastics and synthetic rubber in primary forms
    This GROUP includes the manufacture of basic chemical products, fertilizers and associated nitrogen compounds, as well as plastics and synthetic rubber in primary forms.
  • Group 202
    Manufacture of other chemical products
    This GROUP includes the manufacture of chemical products other than basic chemicals and man-made fibres. This includes the manufacture of a variety of goods such as pesticides, paints and inks, soap, cleaning preparations, perfumes and toilet preparations, explosives and pyrotechnic products, chemical preparations for photographic uses (including film and sensitized paper), gelatins, composite diagnostic preparations etc.
  • Group 221
    Manufacture of rubber products
    This GROUP includes the manufacture of rubber products.
  • Group 239
    Manufacture of non-metallic mineral products n.e.c.
    This GROUP includes the manufacture of intermediate and final products from mined or quarried non-metallic minerals, such as sand, gravel, stone or clay.
  • Group 243
    Casting of metals
    This GROUP includes the manufacture of semi-finished products and various castings by a casting process.
  • Group 251
    Manufacture of structural metal products, tanks, reservoirs and steam generators
    This GROUP includes the manufacture of structural metal products (such as metal frameworks or parts for construction), as well as metal container-type objects (such as reservoirs, tanks, central heating boilers) and steam generators.
  • Group 265
    Manufacture of measuring, testing, navigating and control equipment; watches and clocks
    This GROUP includes the manufacture of measuring, testing, navigating and control equipment for various industrial and non-industrial purposes, including time-based measuring devices such as watches and clocks and related devices.
  • Group 273
    Manufacture of wiring and wiring devices
    This GROUP includes the manufacture of current-carrying wiring devices and non current-carrying wiring devices for wiring electrical circuits regardless of material. This GROUP also includes the insulating of wire and the manufacture of fiber optic cables.
  • Group 281
    Manufacture of general-purpose machinery
    This GROUP includes the manufacture of general-purpose machinery, i.e. machinery that is being used in a wide range of ISIC industries. This can include the manufacture of components used in the manufacture of a variety of other machinery or the manufacture of machinery that support the operation of other businesses.
  • Group 301
    Building of ships and boats
    This GROUP includes the building of ships, boats and other floating structures for transportation and other commercial purposes, as well as for sports and recreational purposes.
  • Group 309
    Manufacture of transport equipment n.e.c.
    This GROUP includes the manufacture of transport equipment other than motor vehicles and rail, water, air or space transport equipment and military vehicles.
  • Group 259
    Manufacture of other fabricated metal products; metalworking service activities
    This GROUP includes general activities for the treatment of metal, such as forging or pressing, plating, coating, engraving, boring, polishing, welding etc., which are typically carried out on a fee or contract basis. This GROUP also includes the manufacture of a variety of metal products, such as cutlery; metal hand tools and general hardware; cans and buckets; nails, bolts and nuts; metal household articles; metal fixtures; ships propellers and anchors; assembled railway track fixtures etc. for a variety of household and industrial uses.
  • Group 282
    Manufacture of special-purpose machinery
    This GROUP includes the manufacture of special-purpose machinery, i.e. machinery for exclusive use in an ISIC industry or a small cluster of ISIC industries. While most of these are used in other manufacturing processes, such as food manufacturing or textile manufacturing, this GROUP also includes the manufacture of machinery specific for other (non-manufacturing industries), such as aircraft launching gear or amusement park equipment.
  • Group 321
    Manufacture of jewellery, bijouterie and related articles
    This GROUP includes the manufacture of jewellery and imitation jewellery articles.
  • Group 331
    Repair of fabricated metal products, machinery and equipment
    This GROUP includes the specialized repair of goods produced in the manufacturing sector with the aim to restore these metal products, machinery, equipment and other products to working order. The provision of general or routine maintenance (i.e. servicing) on such products to ensure they work efficiently and to prevent breakdown and unnecessary repairs is included.
  • Group 381
    Waste collection
    This GROUP includes the collection of waste from households and businesses by means of refuse bins, wheeled bins, containers, etc. It includes collection of non-hazardous and hazardous waste e.g. waste from households, used batteries, used cooking oils and fats, waste oil from ships and used oil from garages, as well as construction and demolition waste.
  • Group 431
    Demolition and site preparation
    This GROUP includes activities of preparing a site for subsequent construction activities, including the removal of previously existing structures.
  • Group 382
    Waste treatment and disposal
    This GROUP includes the disposal and treatment prior to disposal of various forms of waste by different means, such as waste treatment of organic waste with the aim of disposal; treatment and disposal of toxic live or dead animals and other contaminated waste; treatment and disposal of transition radioactive waste from hospitals, etc.; dumping of refuse on land or in water; burial or ploughing-under of refuse; disposal of used goods such as refrigerators to eliminate harmful waste; disposal of waste by incineration or combustion.
    Included is also the generation of electricity resulting from waste incineration processes.

  • Group 432
    Electrical, plumbing and other construction installation activities
    This GROUP includes installation activities that support the functioning of a building as such, including installation of electrical systems, plumbing (water, gas and sewage systems), heat and air-conditioning systems, elevators etc.
  • Group 464
    Wholesale of household goods
    This GROUP includes the wholesale of household goods, including textiles.
  • Group 465
    Wholesale of machinery, equipment and supplies
    This GROUP includes the wholesale of computers, telecommunications equipment, specialized machinery for all kinds of industries and general-purpose machinery.
  • Group 466
    Other specialized wholesale
    This GROUP includes other specialized wholesale activities not classified in other groups of this division. This includes the wholesale of intermediate products, except agricultural, typically not for household use.
  • Group 471
    Retail sale in non-specialized stores
    This GROUP includes the retail sale of a variety of product lines in the same unit (non-specialized stores), such as supermarkets or department stores.
  • Group 472
    Retail sale of food, beverages and tobacco in specialized stores
    This GROUP includes retail sale in stores specialized in selling food, beverage or tobacco products.
  • Group 474
    Retail sale of information and communications equipment in specialized stores
    This GROUP includes the retail sale of information and communications equipment, such as computers and peripheral equipment, telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics, by specialized stores.
  • Group 475
    Retail sale of other household equipment in specialized stores
    This GROUP includes the retail sale of household equipment, such as textiles, hardware, carpets, electrical appliances or furniture, in specialized stores.
  • Group 476
    Retail sale of cultural and recreation goods in specialized stores
    This GROUP includes the retail sale in specialized stores of cultural and recreation goods, such as books, newspapers, music and video recordings, sporting equipment, games and toys.
  • Group 478
    Retail sale via stalls and markets
    This GROUP includes the retail sale of any kind of new or second hand product in a usually movable stall either along a public road or at a fixed marketplace.
  • Group 479
    Retail trade not in stores, stalls or markets
    This GROUP includes retail sale activities by mail order houses, over the Internet, through door-to-door sales, vending machines etc.
  • Group 491
    Transport via railways
    This GROUP includes rail transportation of passengers and/or freight using railroad rolling stock on mainline networks, usually spread over an extensive geographic area. Freight rail transport over short-line freight railroads is included here.
  • Group 492
    Other land transport
    This GROUP includes all land-based transport activities other than rail transport. However, rail transport as part of urban or suburban transport systems is included here.
  • Group 477
    Retail sale of other goods in specialized stores
    This GROUP includes the sale in specialized stores carrying a particular line of products not included in other parts of the classification, such as clothing, footwear and leather articles, pharmaceutical and medical goods, watches, souvenirs, cleaning materials, weapons, flowers and pets and others. Also included is the retail sale of used goods in specialized stores.
  • Group 501
    Sea and coastal water transport
    This GROUP includes the transport of passengers or freight on vessels designed for operating on sea or coastal waters. Also included is the transport of passengers or freight on great lakes etc. when similar types of vessels are used.
  • Group 502
    Inland water transport
    This GROUP includes the transport of passengers or freight on inland waters, involving vessels that are not suitable for sea transport.
  • Group 522
    Support activities for transportation
    This GROUP includes activities supporting the transport of passengers or freight, such as operation of parts of the transport infrastructure or activities related to handling freight immediately before or after transport or between transport segments. The operation and maintenance of all transport facilities is included.
  • Group 562
    Event catering and other food service activities
    This GROUP includes catering activities for individual events or for a specified period of time and the operation of food concessions, such as at sports or similar facilities.
  • Group 581
    Publishing of books, periodicals and other publishing activities
    This GROUP includes activities of publishing books, newspapers, magazines and other periodicals, directories and mailing lists, and other works such as photos, engravings, postcards, timetables, forms, posters and reproductions of works of art. These works are characterized by the intellectual creativity required in their development and are usually protected by copyright.
  • Group 591
    Motion picture, video and television programme activities
    This GROUP includes production of theatrical and non-theatrical motion pictures whether on film, videotape, DVD or other media, including digital distribution, for direct projection in theatres or for broadcasting on television; supporting activities such as film editing, cutting, dubbing etc.; distribution of motion pictures or other film productions (video tapes, DVDs, etc) to other industries; as well as their projection. Buying and selling of motion picture or any other film production distribution rights is also included.
  • Group 631
    Data processing, hosting and related activities; web portals
    This GROUP includes the provision of infrastructure for hosting, data processing services and related activities, as well as the provision of search facilities and other portals for the Internet.
  • Group 639
    Other information service activities
    This GROUP includes the activities of news agencies and all other remaining information service activities.
  • Group 641
    Monetary intermediation
    This GROUP includes the obtaining of funds in the form of transferable deposits, i.e. funds that are fixed in money terms, obtained on a day-to-day basis and, apart from central banking, obtained from non-financial sources.
  • Group 649
    Other financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding activities
    This GROUP includes financial service activities other than those conducted by monetary institutions.
  • Group 651
    This GROUP includes life insurance and life reinsurance with or without a substantial savings element and other non-life insurance.
  • Group 661
    Activities auxiliary to financial service activities, except insurance and pension funding
    This GROUP includes the furnishing of physical or electronic marketplaces for the purpose of facilitating the buying and selling of stocks, stock options, bonds or commodity contracts.
  • Group 662
    Activities auxiliary to insurance and pension funding
    This GROUP includes acting as agent (i.e. broker) in selling annuities and insurance policies or providing other employee benefits and insurance and pension related services such as claims adjustment and third party administration.
  • Group 772
    Renting and leasing of personal and household goods
    This GROUP includes the renting of personal and household goods as well as renting of recreational and sports equipment and video tapes. Activities generally include short-term renting of goods although in some instances, the goods may be leased for longer periods of time.
  • Group 791
    Travel agency and tour operator activities
    This GROUP includes the activities of agencies, primarily engaged in selling travel, tour, transportation and accommodation services to the general public and commercial clients and the activity of arranging and assembling tours that are sold through travel agencies or directly by agents such as tour operators.
  • Group 812
    Cleaning activities
    This GROUP includes the activities of general interior cleaning of all types of buildings, exterior cleaning of buildings, specialized cleaning activities for buildings or other specialized cleaning activities, cleaning of industrial machinery, cleaning of the inside of road and sea tankers, disinfecting and extermination activities for buildings and industrial machinery, bottle cleaning, street sweeping, snow and ice removal.
  • Group 821
    Office administrative and support activities
    This GROUP includes the provision of a range of day-to-day office administrative services, such as financial planning, billing and record keeping, personnel and physical distribution and logistics for others on a contract or fee basis.
    This GROUP includes also support activities for others on a contract or fee basis, that are ongoing routine business support functions that businesses and organizations traditionally do for themselves.
    Units classified in this GROUP do not provide operating staff to carry out the complete operations of a business. Units engaged in one particular aspect of these activities are classified according to that particular activity.

  • Group 829
    Business support service activities n.e.c.
    This GROUP includes the activities of collection agencies, credit bureaus and all support activities typically provided to businesses not elsewhere classified.
  • Group 841
    Administration of the State and the economic and social policy of the community
    This GROUP includes general administration (e.g. executive, legislative, financial administration etc. at all levels of government) and supervision in the field of social and economic life.
  • Group 842
    Provision of services to the community as a whole
    This GROUP includes foreign affairs, defence and public order and safety activities.
  • Group 852
    Secondary education
    This GROUP includes the provision of general secondary and technical and vocational secondary education.
  • Group 854
    Other education
    This GROUP includes general continuing education and continuing vocational education and training for any profession. Instruction may be oral or written and may be provided in classrooms or by radio, television, Internet, correspondence or other means of communication. This GROUP also includes the provision of instruction in athletic activities to groups or individuals, foreign language instruction, instruction in the arts, drama or music or other instruction or specialized training, not comparable to the education in groups 851 - 853.
  • Group 941
    Activities of business, employers and professional membership organizations
    This GROUP includes the activities of units that promote the interests of the members of business and employers organizations. In the case of professional membership organizations, it also includes the activities of promoting the professional interests of members of the profession.
  • Group 949
    Activities of other membership organizations
    This GROUP includes the activities of units (except business and employers organizations, professional organizations, trade unions) that promote the interests of their members.
  • Group 951
    Repair of computers and communication equipment
    This GROUP includes the repair and maintenance of computers and peripheral equipment and communications equipment.
  • Group 931
    Sports activities
    This GROUP includes the operation of sports facilities; activities of sports teams or clubs primarily participating in live sports events before a paying audience; independent athletes engaged in participating in live sporting or racing events before a paying audience; owners of racing participants such as cars, dogs, horses, etc. primarily engaged in entering them in racing events or other spectator sports events; sports trainers providing specialized services to support participants in sports events or competitions; operators of arenas and stadiums; other activities of organizing, promoting or managing sports events, n.e.c.
  • Group 952
    Repair of personal and household goods
    This GROUP includes the repair and servicing of personal and household goods.
  • Group 932
    Other amusement and recreation activities
    This GROUP includes the activities of a wide range of units that operate facilities or provide services to meet the varied recreational interests of their patrons, including the operation of a variety of attractions, such as mechanical rides, water rides, games, shows, theme exhibits and picnic grounds.
  • Division 20
    Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products
    This division includes the transformation of organic and inorganic raw materials by a chemical process and the formation of products. It distinguishes the production of basic chemicals that constitute the first industry GROUP from the production of intermediate and end products produced by further processing of basic chemicals that make up the remaining industry classes.
  • Division 25
    Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
    This division includes the manufacture of pure metal products (such as parts, containers and structures), usually with a static, immovable function, as opposed to the following divisions 26-30, which cover the manufacture of combinations or assemblies of such metal products (sometimes with other materials) into more complex units that, unless they are purely electrical, electronic or optical, work with moving parts.
    The manufacture of weapons and ammunition is also included in this division.

    This division excludes specialized repair and maintenance activities (see GROUP 331) and the specialized installation of manufactured goods produced in this division in buildings, such as central heating boilers (see 4322).

  • Division 47
    Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles
    This division includes the resale (sale without transformation) of new and used goods mainly to the general public for personal or household consumption or utilization, by shops, department stores, stalls, mail-order houses, hawkers and peddlers, consumer cooperatives etc.

    Retail trade is classified first by type of sale outlet (retail trade in stores: groups 471 to 477; retail trade not in stores: groups 478 and 479). Retail trade in stores includes the retail sale of used goods (class 4774). For retail sale in stores, there exists a further distinction between specialized retail sale (groups 472 to 477) and non-specialized retail sale (group 471). The above groups are further subdivided by the range of products sold. Sale not via stores is subdivided according to the forms of trade, such as retail sale via stalls and markets (group 478) and other non-store retail sale, e.g. mail order, door-to-door, by vending machines etc. (group 479).

    The goods sold in this division are limited to goods usually referred to as consumer goods or retail goods. Therefore goods not usually entering the retail trade, such as cereal grains, ores, industrial machinery etc., are excluded. This division also includes units engaged primarily in selling to the general public, from displayed goods, products such as personal computers, stationery, paint or timber, although these sales may not be for personal or household use. Some processing of goods may be involved, but only incidental to selling, e.g. sorting or repackaging of goods, installation of a domestic appliance etc.

    This division also includes the retail sale by commission agents and activities of retail auctioning houses.

    This division excludes:
    ~ sale of farmers' products by farmers, see division 01
    ~ manufacture and sale of goods, which is generally classified as manufacturing in divisions 10-32
    ~ sale of motor vehicles, motorcycles and their parts, see division 45
    ~ trade in cereal grains, ores, crude petroleum, industrial chemicals, iron and steel and industrial machinery and equipment, see division 46
    ~ sale of food and drinks for consumption on the premises and sale of takeaway food, see division 56
    ~ renting of personal and household goods to the general public, see GROUP 772

  • Division 50
    Water transport
    This division includes the transport of passengers or freight over water, whether scheduled or not. Also included are the operation of towing or pushing boats, excursion, cruise or sightseeing boats, ferries, water taxis etc. Although the location is an indicator for the separation between sea and inland water transport, the deciding factor is the type of vessel used. All transport on sea-going vessels is classified in GROUP 501, while transport using other vessels is classified in GROUP 502.

    This division excludes restaurant and bar activities on board ships (see class 5610, 5630), if carried out by separate units.

  • Division 94
    Activities of membership organizations
    This division includes activities of organizations representing interests of special groups or promoting ideas to the general public. These organizations usually have a constituency of members, but their activities may involve and benefit non-members as well. The primary breakdown of this division is determined by the purpose that these organizations serve, namely interests of employers, self-employed individuals and the scientific community (group 941), interests of employees (group 942) or promotion of religious, political, cultural, educational or recreational ideas and activities (group 949).
  • Section P
    This section includes education at any level or for any profession, oral or written as well as by radio and television or other means of communication. It includes education by the different institutions in the regular school system at its different levels as well as adult education, literacy programmes etc. Also included are military schools and academies, prison schools etc. at their respective levels. The section includes public as well as private education.

    For each level of initial education, the classes include special education for physically or mentally handicapped pupils.

    The breakdown of the categories in this section is based on the level of education offered as defined by the levels of ISCED 1997. The activities of educational institutions providing education at ISCED levels 0 and 1 are classified in GROUP 851, those at ISCED levels 2 and 3 in GROUP 852 and those at ISCED levels 4, 5 and 6 in GROUP 853.

    This section also includes instruction primarily concerned with sport and recreational activities such as bridge or golf and education support activities.